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I tested the Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way Tek 4 lightweight Base Layer Shirt and Pants in Realtree AP HD this year in some atypical situations during the archery elk season in Montana. This is Hunters Specialties initial entrance into scent control clothing.

We experienced 20 degree frosty sunrises followed by elevated temperatures that ascended into the mid-eighties in the afternoon. Our evening hunts slumped back downward into the forties for our evening hunts generous swings in temperatures to say the least.

The Scent-A-Way Tek 4 Base Layers functioned as publicized. The 33% additional Silver that Hunter’s Specialties puts into this product indeed performs. The unique properties that the Scent-A-Way Tek 4 claims regarding keeping users warm when it is cold and cool when the temperature rises sounds a little too good to be true. I can tell you from experience it genuinely works.

We traversed thousands of vertical feet every day of our 2 week hunt and the Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way Tek 4 kept us warm in the mornings and evenings and cool in the afternoons. The most impressive was Hunter’s Specialties “catch, move and release technology” wicking the moisture away from your body and restrained the odor on those lengthy pulls up steep faces.

The Scent-A-Way Tek 4 is extremely snug and durable. The tighter fit and material worked comfortably with my other clothing and didn’t bind or restrict any movement. The longer tail allotment of the shirt was a refreshing trait that prevented frigid winds from getting to your backside. The Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way is Tek 4 is valued equipment.

Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way™ Tek 4™ Garments Pant

Lightweight Base Layer Pants. Realtree® AP HD®. Perfect for milder weather. With elastic waistband and rib knit cuffs. Unmatched odor control and comfort.

Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way™ Tek4™ Shirt

Lightweight Base Layer Shirt. Realtree® AP™. Perfect for milder weather. Long-sleeved shirts provide unmatched odor control and comfort.

Odor control and helping hunters "smell invisible" has been the goal of Hunter's Specialties for years. Their line of Scent-A-Way™ products has proven to be one of the most effective on the market for controlling human odors.
Now Hunter's Specialties has entered the scent control clothing market with Scent-A-Way™ Tek 4™ base layer clothing.
Scent-A-Way Tek 4 utilizes state-of-the-art silver technology to permanently control odor caused by bacteria. Scent-A-Way Tek 4 uses 33% more silver than other available silver-based garments, providing unmatched odor control. Nylon threads that are permanently encapsulated in pure silver are woven into the garment, as opposed to the silver being sprayed on, so the odor eliminating properties last for the life of the garment.
Scent-A-Way Tek 4 garments offer easy care. They are durable and fade resistant and can be washed with other clothing. Unlike carbon-based clothing, which has limits on how much odor it can absorb and requires special treatment to be recharged, Scent-A-Way Tek 4 will continue to control odors on the last day of the hunt as well as it did on the first
The garments are also designed and engineered to provide permanent moisture management. They incorporate "catch, move and release" technology, which traps moisture and moves it away from the body where it can be treated by the silver and evaporated away. This keeps the hunter dry and comfortable under a wide range of weather conditions. This treatment is permanent, lasting the life of the garment.
Scent-A-Way Tek 4 has unique thermal properties, keeping users warm when it is cold and cool when the temperature rises. Silver is one of the most thermally conductive elements on the planet, helping to optimize body temperature control. The clothing is breathable, extremely comfortable and is comparable to wearing silk.
Hunters now have a complete scent control system to help them increase their success in the field. Odor control, moisture management, thermal control, durability and comfort are all available with the addition of Scent-A-Way Tek 4 clothing to the Scent-A-Way line of products.
Base layer pants and tops, in both lightweight and heavyweight, are available in Realtree AP HD® and champagne colors (see Sizing Chart below). Also available are black tactical clothing, gloves, headnets, socks, briefs and headwear.




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