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RailRiders Fly Fishing Shrits Adventure Top! Men! NEW! Reviewed! - Home Page

RailRiders Adventure Top on Big Horn River!

RailRiders Adventure Top and X-Treme Adventure Pant!


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Occasionally we test and review product that is entirely unique. RailRiders is a clothing line that many are hearing about for the first time. The name throws most, when I saw it did not conjure up an image of pants and shirts. The name originated from riding the rails of a sail boat to increase speed. These insane folks were referred to as “railmeat” One of the members of this gang was John d’Areloff President and Founder of RailRiders. As a rail rider you spent hours soaked by sea water and the apparel of the day were canvas pants that at no time dried. John believed this situation was ripe for new and distinct apparel. Starting in early 90’s RailRiders became a reality.

Fast forward to today and our testing and review. We can say without hesitation it is distinctive and singular appearing. We received two shirts two pants. All pieces are one of kind looking; they fit and wear so far like iron. This is the first pull over fishing shirt we have tested. The Adventure Top is a tab collar, not exactly what you think off for a fly fishing shirt. It has one horizontal breast pocket and has vented panels on each side that runs the complete length of the shirt along the sleeve to the cuff. The Equator HT Top is a pull over with two very deep horizontal front pockets and vented like the Adventure Top.
The RailRider X-Treme Adventure fly fishing pant was the biggest surprise. I have used fly fishing on several occasions. During warm weather we ditch the waders and wear convertible pants and wading sandals. The X-Treme Adventure pant appeared to stay dry after I wade fished. The water just rolled off of them and they dried quickly. I have never tested any pant like the X-Treme pant they are impressive to say the least.

Chris Stinson is testing and reviewing the Versa Tac-mid pant. Chris has used fly fishing but though they may be a bit heavy for warm weather. The pant is a real piece of work and innovative as any we have tested, but Chris wants a little more time to give a final response.

RailRiders Men's Adventure Top

Urban Escapism.

UPF 30+ sun protection
2 ply 3oz featherweight Duralite nylon
Full side mesh panels for maximum ventilation
Back mesh vent with Coolmax mesh
3 Button Front
1 1/2" cuffs with button closure
Efficient guide pocket




High water Mark...Best!


Pat Stinson

Suggested Retail

Adventure Top...$59.00

Backoffice Friendly

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