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GSI PINNACLE Camper complete set!

GSI PINNACLE Camper coffee cup!

GSI PINNACLE Camper cook pot!




GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Review!

We analyze and review a fair amount from GSI Outdoors and to date all have been an unqualified success. The PINNACLE Camper is no exception. This distinctive innovative kit stands single-handedly as one of the most amazing camping appliances we have analyzed. All of our Montana staff was amazed at the engineering. The PINNACLE is an integrated cooking system. Here is what it contains, two cooking pots with strainer lids, a hand gripper, four mugs or bowls with sip-it lid and four plates. All this fits into a stuff sack and weights a mere 3 lbs.8 oz. All is dishwasher safe. The PINNACLE camper we tested is for two backpackers or four car campers we are the latter. The mugs were the piece that all our testers appreciated the most. The PINNACLE camper should be on every camp list. This remarkable cook system will astound and amaze. It is a utensil for anyone that has ever started a camp fire or pitched a tent. You have all that you need in one compact well-made bundle.


Ultimate, Integrated Cooking + Eating Solution item# 50174

Amazingly compact design is fully equipped for the Gourmet needs of campers and is reconfigurable for everything from 2 person backpacking to 4 person car camping.

Rugged stuff sack holds set and doubles as a sink or wash basin.

Color-coded items made of Infinity clear polypropylene provide personalized tableware settings.* *Exclusive folding gripper locks on to exterior brackets to prevent scratching and to provide a secure handle while cooking. Unique design compacts for nested storage.

Crushproof strainer lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot/lid and works with either the pot or the fry pan.

3 lbs. 8 oz.

9.1" x 9.1" x 5.8"

Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminum and Clear

Product Use
Car Camping

3 L Pot, 2 L Pot, 2 Strainer Lids, 9.0” Fry pan, 4 14 fl. oz. insulated mugs, 4 14 fl. oz. bowls, 4 7.5” plates, 4 Sip-It Tops, Folding Pot Gripper, and Welded Sink.


Ultimate durability, efficiency, and heat distribution

In order to reach the top, you ask the most from yourself and your gear. You need the absolute best, the most efficient, highest-performing gear that can take any punishment and still perform like new. You need Pinnacle. Nothing else even comes close.

Pinnacle series cookware uses Teflon® with Radiance technology, which has been tested and approved expressly for campware use. The secret lies in a specially formulated topcoat engineered to enhance heat dispersion and virtually eliminate hot spots. Moreover, the three-layer coating was built to survive the toughest conditions and boasts an unprecedented level of scratch and abrasion resistance. It’s even safe for use with most metal utensils!

Coating: Teflon with Radiance Technology

Developed “expressly for campware” in partnership with DuPont, Teflon® with Radiance technology is a revolution in non-stick coatings for camp cookware. This new technology reaches temperature 25% faster than Traditional Non-stick cookware while withstanding absurd levels of abuse.

Surface: Hard Anodized Aluminum

GSI pioneered hard-anodized outdoor cookware, and our award-winning surface still sets the standard in premium surface treatments. Unlike competitors’ cookware, our hard-anodized shells are fully formed and hard anodized before coating, creating a garnet-hard surface that fully encapsulates our even-heating aluminum core. This creates a base shell that boasts even heating and unbeatable durability. Just look at our cookware and you can see the difference for yourself!


Clean + Green Clear Polypropylene

Looking out toward the horizon, you glimpse the future. You see with clarity; you see a world of vibrant color brought to life before your eyes. You gaze, transfixed as reality and imagination unite in brilliant greens and clean, clear blues. Finally, you behold Infinity.

A major leap forward in clean and green plastics, Infinity is an ultra-lightweight, completely recyclable, BPA-Free alternative to Polycarbonate resins. With exceptional clarity, jewel-like brilliance and 25% weight savings over Polycarbonate; its beauty is truly inspired. Furthermore, Infinity will not absorb food odors like other plastics and will not leach plasticizers or other chemicals into either food or beverage. Infinity pieces remain strong in both hot and cold and are so light that they actually remain buoyant when filled with water. It’s even dishwasher safe and actually becomes more stain-resistant with every wash.

Infinity: a final product, which is far beyond the sum of its parts.






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