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Bushmaster NEW SuperLight .223 Carbine with Red Dot! First Impressions! - Home Page

Bushmaster NEW SuperLight .223 Carbine with Red Dot with 5.56 NATO Stamp on barrel.

Jim Abel first time in 40 years with Bushmaster NEW SuperLight Carbine with Red Dot!

Bushmaster NEW SuperLight Carbine with Red Dot Scope!

Bushmaster NEW SuperLight Carbine with Red Dot Scope!

Bushmaster NEW SuperLight Carbine with Red Dot Scope!


Testing...First Impressions!


Jim Abel and one of our testers and I went out and sited the New Bushmaster AR 15 at the local Rod and Gun Club. That by itself is not any big deal. What was, this was the first time in 40 years that Jim had fired any gun. The last time was in Viet Nam. It was great to have him shoot with me and he still can hit the target.

The Bushmaster came with a Bushnell 1X Red Dot site the first for both of us. It was also the first for Montana Test to test and review any AR platform rifle. We started at 25 yards and could not hit the paper anywhere. We fired four rounds and to say the least were both confused. I went to my gun box and brought out three additional targets. I stapled around the others believing we had to hit one of these so we could get a look were the .223 was striking. It was on the second target on our left at the bottom of the target.

It took a few adjustments but we dialed in until we were hitting consistently about an inch down from the bulls eye. It took us awhile but we got it to shoot and hit where we were pointing. The Red Dot is a single dot with 12 settings for brightness. This was a first for me and honestly did not know what to expect. Many shooters will not shot or use a red Dot Scope. I like it so far but will install a conventional scope and re-site at the range.
I did clean before shooting and cleaned after about 60 rounds on the range. It was dirty but not bad. It is a chrome lined barrel and we did not shoot more than six rounds at a time. It arrived with a 30 round magazine and we will pull the trigger on prairie dogs later with a full magazine.

The Bushmaster AR15 Superlight is an entertaining carbine to shoot. Like I mentioned this is a first for all of us at Montana Test and from this point forward we will be testing and reviewing very AR we can get our mitts on.

Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Red Dot

Superlight Carbon-15 with 16" light profile barrel with telescoping stock and red dot sight.

Because nothing is more precious than your home and family. Protecting your home and your family is important - and with a Bushmaster, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be well-guarded. But beyond protection, Bushmaster Firearms make your recreational shooting much more fun and enjoyable. Whether you're blasting tin cans in the sand pit or splitting paper targets at the range, your Bushmaster rifle will always provide you with the most reliable, accurate, and durable shooting platform available.

Features and Specs also included metric

Caliber: 5.56mm or .223 Rem.
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds Accepts all M16/AR-15 type
Overall Length: 34.5 inches 87.63 cm
Barrel Length: 16 inches 40.6 cm
Rifling: 1 in 9 R.H. twist/ 6 grooves and lands
Weight without magazine: 5.1 lbs.
Weight of empty magazine: .25 lbs. 11 kg
Weight of loaded magazine: 1.0 lbs. 45 kg
Mode of Operation: Gas Operated/ Semi-Automatic






Pat Stinson
Chris Stinson
Jim Abel

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