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Parker Tornado Crossbow grouping at 20 yards

Parker Tornado HP 165 Crossbow




The new Parker Tornado HP 165 is the first for us from Parker. I viewed the instructional DVD set up was a breeze and in a few minutes, the bow was ready to shoot. The quiver went on easy enough but when I tried to lock it down the handle on the latch broke off.

Included with the Parker Outfitter package was a Hawk Multi-Reticle IR 3x32 scope. The fast focus ring was so tight I had to loosen with a pair of pliers, I test Hawk optics, and this was unusual.

My first shot at 20 yards dropped 8 inches and this was troubling, I thought I would hit closer to the target. I used the 10-1-20 formula and moved it up 80 clicks it worked. This is a whopping amount of clicks on any scope.

The Tornado has notable accoutrements that the shooter will appreciate. The raised comb move the eye directly to the ocular lens and relieve is brief. The palm swell assists in steady shooting; you can grip the opening on the vented forearm but personally, I prefer the palm swell. You will notice the Bull Pup trigger two inches in front of the latch and the inverted cams. Both offer a compact fast shooting arrow at 330 FPC. I will continue to shoot and keep you updated.

The storms continue to build and Parker continues to redefine the ideal hunting crossbows with the ultra-modern Tornado HP. A bullpup trigger configuration allows a powerful 12 1/4" power stroke in one of the shortest, lightest and most compact crossbows every built.

Our lightweight design, high performance limbs and INVERTED crossbow cams results in firing arrows at a blazing 330 fps. The Tornado HP generates over 100 foot pounds of kinetic energy.

Parker's advanced G2 Trigger System features a crisp trigger with virtually no travel.

An "automatic safety" system can be cocked in any position and automatically sets to safe position. Anti-Dry Fire System prevents accidental firing without an arrow in position. This is the finest all metal crossbow trigger on the market.

Integral scope mounting system provides a one-piece trigger and scope mounting unit eliminating concern over loose scopes or mounts.

The New Soft touch finish offers hunters a warm grip and textured finish to reduce grip slip, and also a comfortable cheek weld on the elevated comb.

Fits Right or Left Hand, 165# pull weight


Modern Compact Design
G2 Trigger
Auto engage, Ambidextrous Safety
Anti-Dry-Fire device
Inverted Cam Technology
Full Comb
Next G-1 Vista with SOFT TOUCH finish
Thumb-hole Pistol Grip Design
Vented Forearm

RED HOT String and Cable Arrow Alignment WARNING! Without proper alignment of bolt and nock, a dry-fire could occur.

Use ONLY Red Hot or Parker Hunter Arrows in Parker Crossbows.

Use Moon Nock ONLY

Load Arrow Correctly - Proper Nock Alignment and Full Contact with String.

Cock Vane should be in a downward vertical position in the track; nock groove should be horizontal with the string.

Use 400 grain MINIMUM Arrows

Inspect Arrow and Nock for damage BEFORE each shot.

Avoid ALL Obstructions when shooting.






Montana Crew!

Suggested Retail

Outfitter with Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope...$799.95

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