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Chest and Waist Snaps

Leg Snaps




The Pro Series HSS-6 safety harness is one piece of equipment that we could report that it saved us from a fatal fall from our stand we don’t have too, and we are not going to fall out and prove it. We tested closer to the ground it works. Its unparallel design is easy to wear and will change your mind about all other safety harnesses. We hunt from a 20-foot tree stand and before now, all wore the old style. When our testers put the Pro Series on it took all of five seconds just about the amount time it took to convince all, this is different. This is a vest, with the harness built in, adjustable at waist and chest, and saddle-style leg straps that include snap like seat belt buckles. The new leg straps point away from the crotch area and into the upper thigh muscles. The Pro Series that we tested was mesh for warmer days in the stand, included are two flapped upper pockets, two large bellows pockets, and two zippered storage pouches at waist level. The Pro Series HSS-6 is an ingenious as any product we have tested.

Hunter Safety System

The Pro Series from Hunter Safety System is the pinnacle of safety harness design, featuring all the comfort and quality of every HSS product with one notable exception, ventilation. Constructed of a super-tough mesh, the Pro Series allows air to flow through and provides welcome relief on warm, early season bow hunts. The Pro Series features new and improved "Saddle-Style leg straps that move stress points away from the crotch and onto the upper thigh muscles for faster, easier recovery in the event of a fall. Pro Series also features enough storage to leave your fanny pack in the truck with two flapped upper pockets, two large bellows pockets, and two zippered storage pouches at waist level. Includes new "Suspension Relief" technology now a standard on all Hunter Safety System harnesses, suspension relief technology brings an added measure of safety in the event of a fall. Chest and waist straps adjust to accommodate the following: S/M = 100-175 lbs. (32”-44” torso) L/XL = 175-250 lbs (42”-56” torso) 2X/3X = 300 lbs (48”-60” torso) Warranty: 300 lbs maximum weight limit.

Tree Stand Lifeline LLS

The HSS Life Line is likely one of the best safety features on today’s market for elevated hunting and a "MUST HAVE" for all Treestand hunters! Simply connect the Life Line rope at hunting height, attach your tether to the carabineer equipped Prussic knot on the Life Line and slide the knot as you go up or down the tree. Prussic connection slides easily with one hand yet stays ready to stop any fall should one occur.  30' of rope with 1 carabineer and a Prussic knot is included.

Hands Free Lineman’s Belt

This item is to be used only with the Hunter Safety System harnesses.
Hunter Safety System® Lineman’s Belt is a must for the dangerous job of installing hang-on style tree stands, ladders and tree steps. Designed for use with the Hunter Safety System® harness, the Lineman’s Belt features dual, lockable carabineers, heavy-duty nylon camo rope, and adjustable Prussic slide-cinch knot for easy, one-hand adjustments during use. Weight distribution with the HSS Lineman’s Belt is integrally spread through the harness, providing more support and comfort and less fatigue than similar products. Package includes a Quick-Connect Tree Strap, which will insure that you are connected to the tree at all times.  Warranty: 300 lbs. Maximum Weight Limit

Muff Pack System

To any hunter, simplicity and ease of use dictates the gear purchased for his/her day of hunting. Well, with Hunter Safety System’s new Muff-Pak, keeping hands warm and gear at the ready doesn’t get any better than this! The HSS Muff-Pak contains pockets specifically designed to hold range finders, binoculars, can-style calls, rattle bags, grunt tubes and more, all within reach without unnecessary game-spooking movement. Topping this off is the warm, fleece, hand muff ergonomically angled for comfort while sitting or standing.

Bow Holder System

Any avid hunter can tell you the risks of moving while a deer is close by. It doesn’t take much movement to drive a good buck into the next county! Hunter Safety System’s new Bow Holder eliminates a lot of that movement by allowing the hunter to keep his/her bow in place and at the ready as the deer approaches. This uniquely designed bow holder not only folds out of the way when not in use, but also allows the hunter to hold the bow upright and steady for long periods while waiting for the shot to present itself.




8 Point...Best



Suggested Retail

Hunter Safety Harness Pro Series...#134.99
Treestand Lifeline...$39.99
Treestand Lineman's Belt...$34.99
Muff Pack System...$29.99
Bowholder System...$9.99

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