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American Whitetail Super 300 fps Target




We have shot hundreds of arrows at and through the American Whitetail BG-100 target. I am fortune to have enough room on my property to set targets and shoot as far back as 60 yards and everywhere in between. This is a 300 FPS compression synthetic bag with Ballistic filling; it compresses the arrow, as it hits the target. One side is Whitetail vitals on the other nine small circle targets for zeroing in. We have shot compound arrows and crossbow arrows at this big target and it has taken a beating, it has been rained on snowed on and sunburned. We have shot arrows faster than 300 FPS and the Ballistics filling has begun to come out of the backside. This is not the fault of the bag; we shot so many arrows at this bag it was bound to happen. You can remove the filling, buy a new bag, from American Whitetail, refill and you have a new bag to torture. Arrow removal is a breeze, no two-handed struggle, just grab with two fingers, and remove. We are delighted with our American Whitetail targets and continue to bury arrows in them.

The ideal way to stop an arrow with a target point is with a target that absorbs the arrows energy instead of using friction to slow the arrow to a stop. The FPS 300 compression target starts with a heavy-duty 6.5-ounce synthetic bag printed on one side with spots for zeroing in your sights and on the other side with an accurate reproduction of a whitetails vital area to sharpen your hunting skills. The Ballistic filling slows the arrow by compressing as the arrow strikes the target. This slows the arrow and absorbs the arrows energy at once. This design stops the fastest arrow with ease time after time with two-finger arrow removal.
When the bag is, finally shot out you can purchase a new bag and transfer the filling to it with out having to buy another target. Shot for shot the FPS compression bag is the absolute best field point practice target in the world.
For the best combination of durability and ease of arrow removal for your entire archery season, we recommend both a FPS 300 for your summer practice and a Cube Broadhead target for the fall months. This will give you the best of both worlds!

American Whitetail recommends the FPS 300 Compression target for archers who practice on a daily basis or for families who have a need for a target that will work equally well with a 20-pound recurve or 3D set up shooting 300 FPS. All arrows stop equally well with two finger arrow removal. Available in three sizes to meet your needs the FPS 300 is the best target in the world for practicing with target points!




6 Point...Great!



Suggested Retail

BG-100 Size 24 x 24 Thickness 14" $49.95
BG-50 Size 18 x 18 Thickness 12" $39.95
BG-200 Size 28 x 28 Thickness 20" $89.95

Backoffice Friendly

Good people and very cooperative.
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