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Little Sure Shot Gun Rest!




Review for Little Sure Shot Gun Rest

A stable shot will improve your chances of hitting that trophy animal by fifty percent; the rifle range has proven a solid rest for your rifle, pistol, or black powder is a confidence builder. The Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ allows you to bring that confidence along with you to the field. The Little Sure Shot offers two rests 6 ˝ inches long made of green polypropylene, and the gun cradle is cushioned with shock absorbing soft rubber. The Original is a closed end eyebolt, and the Big Mouth an open-mouth j-hooks that fits around odd shaped branches, posts, whatever is available. We used both on the companion Hickory Walking Stick™. You can adjustable each rest to the desired height with a quick twist. Sanded and finished by hand, the Hickory sticks are 59 inches long with rounded knobs, and fit hunters between 5’9” and 6’3”. The Hickory Walking Stick™ does double duty for steep hunting as a walking stick. You don’t have to struggle with complicated shooting rests, The Little Sure Shot proves it everyday. You can purchase at Made in the USA.

Unlike other gun rests, Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ are compact. They are small enough to fit into your pocket, weigh only four ounces, and are 6 1/4 inches in length. They have earned the title as the world's smallest, most versatile gun rests. They work with most any shaped support up to 11/2 inches in diameter and they easily reposition to any shooting height in seconds. In addition, each of the Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ is made right here in the USA.

The Original Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ closed-end eyebolts designed to slip over the ends of walking sticks to create sturdy monopods. Hunters that like to carry a shooting stick or walking stick prefer this model.

Big Mouth Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ feature open-mouth j-hooks that slip around odd shaped supports, trees, branches, fence posts and even AVT uprights. Hunters that want the freedom to attach the gun rest to most anything that is available when preparing to fire prefer this model.

For lasting durability, Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ made from a heavy-duty, dark green polypropylene. The color is blended throughout the gun rests so if scratches do occur, they are less visible. The gun cradles cushioned with shock absorbing soft rubber to protect rifles, slug guns, black powder, or handguns.




6 Point...Great


Chris Stinson

Suggested Retail

Original Little Sure Shot Gun Rest™ $19.99
Big Mouth Little Sure Shot Gun Rest™ $19.99
Hickory Walking Stick Only!...$8.00
An Original Little Sure Shot w/Walking Stick combo $29.99

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