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New Remington HD




All our Waterfowl hunters cycled the Remingtons Wingmaster HD steel on Ducks and Geese. We did notice good knock down power at longer shots. We are talking about 40 yards and beyond. Steel historically is a close in shell, long shots with steel are a no-no, and too many cripples mean lost game. You need to find your distance and do not be a sky buster. The three and 3 1/2 were standard fair from the Duck boat and permanent blind. These are Tungsten-Bronze pellets with good round consistency. We did not open but did fine as we cleaned birds, this will give you a realistic look at were the bird was hit and what happens with the pellet after it leaves the barrel and enters your choice for Waterfowl. We found shot consistently the same size during each cleaning. The Remington Wingmaster is solid Waterfowl round, but do not expect to become a better shot because of the shell you chamber. Bring Waterfowl in close, take your time, and keep your eye on the game if you do that the Wingmaster HD will do its job.

Remington Wingmaster HD

This hard-hitter stretches the kill zone with an ultra-tuned combination of density, shape, and energy. At 12.0 grams/cc, it is 10% denser than lead and the scientifically proven optimum density for pellet count and pattern density. In addition, its smooth, round shape delivers awesome aerodynamics and sustained payload energy. It all adds up to the most devastating patterns possible.

Wingmaster HD is also 16% softer than Premier Hevi-Shot, which makes it easier on your barrel. In addition, it is more responsive to chokes, allowing you to open up the pattern for close-range hunting or stretch shotgun range to its farthest reaches Wingmaster HD's (Heavy Density) smooth, round pellets are aerodynamic. They are uniform in weight and true to listed shot size. Other non-toxic shot pellets are inconsistent in shape, size, and weight, and simply cannot match up to Wingmaster HD.

New Remington HD

HD = Heavy Density (12.0 g/cc)
Proprietary composite of Tungsten-Bronze-Iron
Round, consistent pellets:
Travel straighter and longer
Improve long-range lethality
Tighter patterns
More even pellet distribution
Uniform pellet density
12.0 g/cc density for optimal combination of density and pellet count
Softer pellets are easier on your barrel and more responsive to chokes
Better patterns at long and short ranges
Approved for waterfowl hunting by the USFWS and Canada
Responds to chokes; more lethal than lead

Absolutely no shotshell on the market can touch Wingmaster HD at long range. All of its revolutionary characteristics optimized density, ultra-round shape, and consistent size come together on game with an unmatched level of deadly force. Fact is, it penetrates 40% deeper than Premier Hevi-Shot at long range and will put 60% of its pellets in a 30 circle at 60 yards. Waterfowl, turkey and varmints who think they know harms reach have another thing coming. New Wingmaster HD.




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