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XPert HV Steel and Supreme Elite Shot Gun Shells

Steel Shot from a XPert HV 3 1/2 inch 1 3/8 3 Shot.

Greenheads from Big Horn River!

Pheasants Early Season.




We tested a variety of steel shot from Winchester®. We shot all last season and continue to chamber today. All of your shotgun shooters like the Winchester® and report serious knock down power. We tested Supreme Elite Xtended Range™ HD waterfowl 1 ¼ oz. 2 shot 2 ¾ inch the same in four shot. Xpert® Hi-Velocity steel three ½-inch 1 3/8 oz. 2 shot and double BB. I became partial to the 3 ½ inch Xpert® at 1550 fps and have grown accustomed to dropping power. We have heard shooters complain about knock down power, I have a theory it is the person holding the shotgun and not the shells. I shoot a Super Black Eagle and it cycles 2 ¾ to 3 ½ inch and the 3 ½‘s are Duck droppers. We clean our shotguns after every outing and we have noticed no increase in powder residue. We have confidence in the Winchester® Steel shot and will continue to use.


Gauge: 12
Shell Length: 3 1/2
Velocity (in.): 1625
Powder Dram Equiv: N/A
Shot Size: BB

Gauge: 12
Shell Length: 3-1/2
Velocity (in.): 1550
Powder Dram Equiv: N/A
Shot Size: 2

Description: Introducing the new Winchester® Xpert® Hi_Velocity Steel Shotshells - an entirely new family of value priced, high performance steel shotshells. The new Xpert® Hi-Velocity loads deliver a sizzling velocity of up to 1550 fps for an incredible boost in superior, bird-bagging.

Winchester Ammunition is adding two new loads to the popular and economical Xpert Hi-Velocity Steel Shot Waterfowl line. Both of the loads are 12 gauge 3 ½” offerings with ultra-high 1,625 feet per second velocities. The loads use 1 ¼ ounces of steel shot, one size Number 2, and the other size BB. These super fast loads are hard-hitting and deliver knockdown power at long range. The Winchester Ammunition Xpert loads use a proprietary steel pellet, which helps keep the price of these loads low. A complete line of loads in 12 and 20 gauges are available from Winchester Ammunition. More pellets in the pattern … for many waterfowl a hunter that is what they want. And Winchester Ammunition is giving them just that with the addition of number six size shot in a new Supreme® Xtended Range 3-inch, 12-gauge waterfowl load. Each pellet is heavier than lead or steel and delivers energy farther down range. The new load has a payload of 1 3/8 ounces of No. 6 shot, which offers 30% more pellets than 5 shot within a given payload. Winchester Ammunition's Xtended Range Hi-Density Waterfowl loads have set new standards for shotshell performance on ducks and geese. The Xtended Range Hi-Density pellet delivers maximum energy to the target.


Gauge: 12
Shell Length: 2 3/4
Velocity (in.): High Velocity
Powder Dram Equiv: n/a
Shot Size: 4

Gauge: 12
Shell Length: 2 3/4
Velocity (in.): High Velocity
Powder Dram Equiv: n/a
Shot Size: 2

NEW Winchester Supreme Elite® Xtended Range Hi-Density waterfowl shotshells combine patented high density shot and Drylok® water-resistant wad system to create the ultimate waterfowl load. The Advantages of Xtended Range Hi-Density Shot: Non-Toxic & 55% higher density than steel shot. Softer than most shotguns barrels & chokes. Harder hitting & deeper penetrating. Consistent shot shape results in highly consistent patterns. This waterfowl season, load up with the ultimate load for long-range, knock-down performance. Winchester Xtended Range Hi-Density Waterfowl loads.


There has been a bunch of comments on Winchesters Xpert Hi-Velocity and Supreme Elite shotguns shells. Many swear by them and others have said they are pure junk. The two negatives that are most reported is poor pattern and residue. We tested the 12 ga. 3 ½ inch 1625 Hi-Velocity double BB and the 12 ga. 3 ½ inch 1150, Velocity 2 shot. We also tested the Supreme Elite in 12 ga. 4 and 2’s in 2/¾ inch. We shot from a Remington 870 Super Magnum and a Super Black Eagle ll with Modified chokes. These are not after market chokes we used what came with shotguns. We did not pattern any of the shells we simply loaded up and shot. We hunt from a permanent blind early season with ducks decoying very close no longer than 40 yards. All shells performed well no misfires or many cripples. We cripple ducks when we expect too much from any shell, to far out and not close enough for a clean kill. We did fold many at 25 to 30 yards and found some extra residue in both guns but nothing that you would consider excessive. We will continue to test but currently we have no complaints.




6 Point...Great Tested 12 ga. 3 ½ inch 1625 Hi-Velocity double BB and the 12 ga. 3 ½ inch 1550, Velocity 2 shot.
We also tested the Supreme Elite in 12 ga. 4 and 2’s in 2/¾ inch


Pat Stinson
Chris Stinson

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