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  Inno Interior Fishing Rod Rack

The photo above shows the Universal Window Mounts attached to rear window. Side bars attach to these mounts.

This is the Rod holder assembled that attaches to side bars.

Assembled and installed Rod holder inside vehicle.




The Inno FIRST STRIKE fishing rod racks have impressed and functioned as advertised.
We installed both the seven and 14-rod holder in two of our rigs in April. We had looked for years for a fly rod rack that would keep rods away from other gear and that would not fall out in tough terrain. The Inno is the only one that we have tested inside the vehicle that actually works. The Inno Rod Racks implements Universal Window Mounts that adhere to your rear window. The frame is aluminum, stainless steel, adjustable and removable with no drilling. The front holder guides keep tips out of the driverís way and the back locking snaps secure rod handles. Both racks are adjustable and lock in place after you have determined how high or low you want it. The FIRST STRIKE rod racks fit most vehicles without breaking the rod down. My sonís Yukon is shorter than my Yukon XLT, he has to secure in two pieces, and you may have to do the same.

Inno Interior Fishing Rod Rack

The INNO Fishing Rod Rack took me about an hour to install. I took my time, the rack is not difficult to put up, but you must read and follow directions. I took pictures of my progress, as you will see. If the universal window mounts stay attached, we should be all right for the season.

Here are tips for installing.

I installed the ZR356 8 rod holder

Your rig needs to be big enough inside for 9-foot rods, we installed for Fly Rods, and it will work for all kinds of fishing rods.

Place the first universal window mount from the picture in instructions, and then measure from its location for the second one. Take all the measurements from the first two and use those for the second set on the other window.

Follow the instructions and take your time on the window mounts. I used a maker for measurements, and then cleaned with a strong window cleaner.

Have some WD-40 available for the cross holders. It makes them much easier to install on frame bar.


Install the first Window Mount, measure from side and top of window inside vehicle. Take those measurements and apply to other window, make sure these measurements match. If measurement are off you will have a difficulty installing rod rack. Follow instructions.


Good Water...Great


Chris and Pat Stinson

Suggested Retail

Seven Rod Holder...$189.00
Ten Rod Holder...$199.00

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